How to connect two computers using USB cables

Do you sometimes wish that you could easily connect one computer to another one? Just imagine how awesome that would be! You can easily transfer the files from one computer to another without any hassle. You can even build a small network among these computers and easily share Internet connection from one PC to another. Amazing indeed, right?

Connecting two PCs together isn’t even that hard and complicated, with the help of USB cables.

First off, you have to know that there are different kinds of USB cables. There are some that are used for connecting smaller devices such as mobile phones, and there are some that are used for connecting bigger ones such as computer. Of course you can’t use cables that are used for your mobile phones for this purpose.

USB cables

You should also be wary whether your USB cable is an A/A cable. This type of cable can’t be used for connecting computers together even though it both ends have standard USB connectors. As a matter of fact, when you use A/A USB cables for connecting two personal computers together, there is a possibility that this might burn the computer’s USB ports as well as the power supplies. So you should not use A/A cables for this.

You should also not use A/B USB cables, since they are not suitable for connecting two computers together. Although this type of cable will not exactly cause further damage to your PC (unlike the A/A cable), they still won’t work since they are created specifically for connecting only printers and cameras to your PC. So they will not really be able to keep up with your needs.

What are you going to use now, you ask? You have to look for the one called bridged—or also called as the USB networking cable—which is the one used for connecting computers together. Bridged USB cables have a small electronic circuit in the middle, which essentially allows the two PCs to “communicate” with each other.

When it comes to speed, your bridge chip should either be a USB 1.1 (12 Mbps) or a USB 2.0 (480 Mbps). Obviously, it is better to use USB 2.0 since it works on a much higher speed as compared to USB 1.1. For instance, if you are going to connect two computers together so that they can share the same internet connection, you would want to use USB 2.0 so that it can deliver the connection from one PC to another fast. Just imagine, if your Ethernet network by default works at 100 Mbps, a USB 2.0 cable will be able to provide an almost five times higher transfer rate as compared to your average network connection.

Now that you already have the cable, let us move on to the installation.    The cable that you purchased should come in with an installer, which you will just insert into your computer’s CD-ROM.

There are two types of installation mode, (1) USB Super Link Adapter and (2) USB Virtual Network Adapter. You have to select the first one when your purpose of connecting the computer is just to transfer files, while the second one if you want to create a network between the two PCs, like when you want to share Internet connection. Afterwards, you also have to install the cable itself on your computer. Doing so will make your PC recognize your cable.

Once you have already installed the cable to one computer, you just have to repeat the same process to the other PC. Voila, you now have connected your PCs together. Afterwards, you just have to configure more settings to make sure that the connection is really working.

The Purposes of a Lanyard

Have you ever come across the word lanyard? What is a lanyard? What are lanyards? Lanyards are ropes or cords being used in different ways. These are usually worn around the neck, sometimes on the shoulder, and for other people, on the wrist. ID Lanyard’s main purpose is to carry important objects.

Lanyard laces are mostly used by students and office workers inside their campus or work. They use these laces to hold their identification cards. Other students use ID Lanyards to hold their name tags. Visible identification cards are very important in public places especially when they are required to be used and seen at all times.

Some schools and offices provide lanyard laces for their students and workers. These laces contain the names of the schools or the offices which makes it easier to identify the people you encounter.

ID Lanyards can also be used to promote and advertise companies. Some companies give freebies which include lanyard laces. Using these laces, people can wear them on their neck and at the same time promote the company name designed on the lace.

Lanyards have many other purposes. They are used in ships as supports. They were also used in the old times. Lanyards were once connected to pistols and swords to help the carriers grab their weapons easily.

They can also be used as fashionable items. Some ID Lanyard makers create bracelets, necklaces, foot bands, and key chains or charms using lanyards. You can design various key chains and charms using lanyards. There are also many available colours that can be used to improve your design.

On making lanyards for key chains, you need to have the available materials. The materials needed in making lanyard key chains and charms are cords, rings and clips.

Before making a lanyard key chain, you first have to choose your own design. It usually depends on what design you want to have. There are many tutorials on how to make different knots or designs using lanyards. It also depends on how long you want it to be. After choosing, you can now tie a knot around the ring to start making your key chain.

You can make use of two cords containing different colours. You can use colours that resemble each other so that your design would turn out great.

Having keychain lanyards will make us aware if we are being robbed. The robbers won’t even know we have these lanyards. So when they pull or try to take our important things then we will know.

Everyone can have lanyards and everyone can make their own with their own designs. Many tutorials teach everyone step by step so that the people watching can learn easily.

There are sites on the internet such as in YouTube that teach us about different knots or designs for our key chain lanyards. There are many available designs for both genders.

There is a design called Star Lanyard. It is called a star lanyard because its shape is a star. It consists of many loops. According to the tutorial, you first need to create the base of the stitch. After doing so, repeat the stitch. Then make a square stitch on the side.

After the square stitch, start again. Make sure you have the same length for each side so your star would look even. Make ten sides of the same stitch then tie it at the end to hold the shape.

There is also the Candy Cane lanyard design. You need to make different loops in this design, but all you have to do is to repeat the stitch over and over again and to adjust some of the stitches.

Some other tutorials teach how to make helicopter lanyards, bracelets, and laces. Lanyards definitely have so many uses.

Looking for and Meeting your Utah Divorce Lawyers

If you think that your marriage is already beyond repair, it would be best if you consult with Utah divorce lawyers as soon as possible. However, before you come up with one of the most important life changing decisions that you and your relatives will have to face, you have to gather as much information as you can regard the matter.

There are numerous ways that you can perform so you can easily find the suitable lawyer for you.

If you still do not have an idea on the type of Utah divorce lawyers that you want to work with, you should not tell your spouse about this. You should put off telling this sensitive chunk of information until such time that you have a good grip of the obligations and rights that you have.

You should consider family law professionals if you are the female. This will help you see to it that your needs and your children’s will be adequately met in the most effective methods possible. You should always go for a lawyer that can help you address your overall state of well-being through specialties such as family counseling. As much as possible, you have to gather work related information that can tell you how efficient this lawyer can get when working on your divorce case.

Once you already have a list of Utah divorce lawyers to choose from, you may then analyze the strengths and weaknesses of these attorneys. Doing in depth analysis can help you determine your closest match in terms of work ethics. You should never solely rely on referrals that seem too good to be true.


Also, you should make sure that you will maximize each consultation with your lawyer. During the consultation, you should be receptive in receiving important bits of information that you can use for the proceedings. At the same time, you should also be assertive of what you want to tell your attorney, may it be a question or a statement.

After selecting the lawyer that you want to hire, you should also be prepared to meet them for your appointment.

There are numerous materials that you have to prepare even before you set an appointment with your lawyer. Some of the documents and materials are the following:

• Information on your real estate, mortgage, credit card account, employment, and investment

• Documentation of recent tax returns, expenses, and income

• List of debts and assets that you and your spouse brought during the marriage period

• Relevant pieces of information about your marriage

• List of relevant questions that you have to ask your lawyer

In providing information for your divorce lawyer, you should make sure that you will be forthcoming, honest, and frank with your words. More efficiency in communicating means less time that you have to spend on the divorce proceedings.

You need to fully understand the function of your attorney. He or she is there to assist you in figuring out financial and legal issues that will inevitably come with divorce. If you think you need psychological counseling, you should hire another professional to do the job for you. After all, venting out your emotions and stating your current marriage situation are two different things that need different types of approaches.

These are just some of the tips in looking for the right Utah divorce lawyers that you have to implement. Some of these require you to perform these in a timely manner. As soon as you meet your divorce lawyer, you should also make sure that you are preparing to meet him or her and make the necessary arrangements.

Virtualization: Multiple Server Operating Systems

Virtualization was the key element in enabling most web servers to host a variety of operating systems from Windows to Linux, giving customers with super user access to install any software that runs with accordance to their website's operating system. With regard to their functionality, they are as efficient compared to that of a dedicated physical server and costs even less to maintain as well. Virtualization has eventually brought the price of web hosting to a minimal that it is now possible for anyone to set up their own website with just a fraction of the cost compared to that 10 years ago which was much more expensive then.

Virtualization has also enabled servers to host Windows based websites which uses the basic applications and a user interface that is compatible with the Windows operating system. Windows VPS (Virtual Private Server) enables people to create websites, upload applications and just about almost anything using the Windows operating system from the comfort of their own desktop environment. It gives a chance to most people who run Windows on their computers to access files and data through FTP (File Transfer Protocol) on similar Windows based servers without having to worry about system verification.

Although at present, Windows VPS systems require more memory which should match the users operating system since the latest Windows version runs in 32 and 64 bit memory, enabling people to run multiple tasks with a higher processor requirement. Virtualization enables these servers to run the same tasks without having to compromise hardware efficiency. A single server can run multiple operating systems but separating each single server with regard to the operating system that it runs is much more efficient when it comes to sharing common resources in its operating system.

It is so common to see different websites that are hosted on a single IP address as the only thing that manages their individual address identity is their domain name. Since a single physical server can host more than a hundred websites simultaneously, depending upon the server capacity, it has eventually reduced the price of hosting a website for about as low as $1 a month. In the case of a Windows VPS system, the cost of hosting a Windows based website could cost a little bit more since its system requirements need more virtual memory, thus the need to allocate more bandwidth for that specific website.

Addressing the solution for multiple virtual servers in a single physical machine led to the implementation of the VMware ESX Server way back in 2001. VMware (Virtual Machine) is an application that manages releasing resources and creating tasks for “gust” operating systems. As for the case of Windows VPS, guest operating systems such as these are allocated a limited amount of resources on the physical server which may or may not include the actual virtual storage capacity of its server along with the limit of the total number of data going in and out of the website as well as allocated processor and memory speed.

Companies that offer virtual private hosting often provide optional web hosting services along with their monthly service. Along with being able to host websites that run on a variety of operating systems such as Linux and Windows VPS, customers are often given the choice to manage their websites by themselves or pay extra to have their host server manage their sites in all aspects of security and maintenance, paying extra besides their monthly dues. There is also the unlimited data package which allows users to use all available system resources without limit and is charged accordingly to the amount of data used.

These unlimited data packages are usually acquired by online gaming websites that need an unlimited amount of bandwidth and system resources to run their applications without any system limitations that enables their users to get the most of the websites capacity. Data transfer speeds from as low as 10 to as high as 10 gigabytes per second. Although not all services such as this fall accordingly to what companies really have to offer since they do have to consider the actual space allocated within the virtual server and the technology that is available in the country in where the server is based.

How to Buy Fireproof Safes?

If you’re reading this, you probably realized that your business or home needs additional protection. A fireproof safe is important in keeping all your valuables protected from the elements. The next question on your mind must be: what’s the best way of buying one? There’s more to fireproof safes than just choosing the biggest and most cumbersome one you see. There are different fireproof safes for a variety of situations. Making the right choices can save you some money.

Assessing you needs

Before you go looking for a safe, it’s better to ponder on a few points. The first thing you need to consider is the purpose of your safe. It’s vital that you purchase the right safe for your valuables. Because safes aren’t made in the same way. Each safe has a different fire rating. A fire rating is given by an independent tester to check the durability of a safe. The fire rating states how much heat the safe can endure.

If you are storing regular paper, a safe with a fire rating class of 350 is enough. This means that the safe can maintain an internal temperature of 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Paper starts to deteriorate beyond the 350O-Fahrenheit range.

However, it’s a different story for electronic storage devices. Hard drives are more heat sensitive compared to paper. For safes that will contain electronic devices, a safe must have a class 150 fire rating. This means that the safe can contain an internal temperature of 150 degree Fahrenheit.

Some consumers think that all safes can withstand any fire. They make the mistake of putting an electronic device in a class 350 fireproof safe. Thus, when they recover the safe, they are dismayed to see that the paper documents survived but not the hard drives. In fact, there’s a chance that the paper documents might also be damaged. Since the hard drives can melt if stored in the wrong safe, some of the residue might spill over to the papers.

Furthermore, it’s also good to consider your office’s or home’s proximity to the nearest fire department. This is because a fire rating are accompanied by a time rating. A time rating states how long a safe can last in a fire before the flames melt through. 20 minutes, 40 minutes, 1 hour and 2 hours, are common time ratings.

If you are in a very urban area with a fire department only a few blocks from your building, you can just buy a safe with a 20-minute time rating. According to experts a usual fire in a city can only last for 20 minutes, if firefighters can respond fast. But it’s not the same in rural areas, because the response from the fire department might take time. For those areas, it’s recommended to have a longer time rating. Of course, a safe with a higher fire rating is more expensive.

Browsing for a safe

Once you’ve taken the time to consider all these things, it’s time to look for fireproof safes. You have two options: browse online, or go to a safe store. The good thing about browsing online is that you’ll have many choices. However, some people still prefer to go to depots to personally see the safes.
If you’re not that knowledgeable about safes going to a store is a better decision. At a depot, the staff can aid you in finding a suitable safe for your needs.  

For big-time businesses, bigger safes are best. Some stores don’t offer big safes so it’s better to call a manufacturer directly.

Installing your safe

Installing fireproof safes is a difficult task. Some manufacturers hire a specialist (usually for free) to install the safe. The specialist will ask you where you like the safe to be located and will even ask you if you’d want it to be anchored to the floor.

Once your safe is installed, you may now store your valuables inside. With your fireproof safe, you don’t need to worry about a big fire wiping out priceless papers and invaluable data.

Manufacturing Process of Printed Circuit Boards

The process of manufacturing printed circuit boards consists of a number of steps which likewise contain a number of possible options. Choosing which option is the best can depend on a number of factors such as method, volume, etc. Adhering to these steps ensures that the finished PCBs will be up to par with the standard requirements for modern circuit boards.

The first step in professionally manufacturing printed circuit boards is reading the files into a Computer-aided Manufacturing system or CAM. The CAM system performs a number of functions that relate to the input and verification of data, compensation for deviations, panelization, and output of digital tools.  Panelization is the process of printing identical circuits from a small PCB onto a larger board for easier handling and processing.

The second step in manufacturing printed circuit boards is choosing the copper patterning method to be applied. In specifically producing double-sided PCBs, the processing methods that can be used are the subtractive, additive and semi-additive method.  The method chosen also depends on the volume of boards to be produced.

Subtractive processing methods remove the copper coating from the circuit board to expose the desired copper pattern.  Silkscreen printing is one such subtractive method that applies etch-resistant inks to protect the copper foil.  Photoengraving makes use of a photomask and developer to remove selected parts of the photoresistant copper coating, while PCB milling utilizes a mechanical milling system to grind away the copper according to specific commands from preprogrammed software.

Silkscreen printing is used for producing large volumes of circuit boards, while photoengraving and milling are used to produce small batches.

Additive processing methods electronically plate a pattern onto a bare circuit board. It favorably uses less material and subsequently produces less waste despite it requiring a more complex procedure as compared to the subtractive method. However, it is still the semi-additive process that is the most common processing method used today. It is also frequently used for PCBs with multiple copper layers.

After undergoing these processing methods, different etching techniques must then be applied to the printed circuit boards in order to finish the patterning step in production. The immersion method is the simplest technique that is most often used by hobbyists for small-scale production.

Chemical etching, bubble etching, and spray etching are utilized more often for mass production as they have a faster etching time as compared to the immersion method.  Unfortunately, splash etching is one other commercial etching method that has become obsolete due to its slow production rate.

The third step in manufacturing PCBs is the inner layer automated optical inspection. In this step, the inner layers of the circuit board are given a complete machine inspection before they are subjected to the fourth manufacturing process of lamination. Once a board is laminated, mistakes that were inadvertently made on the PCB can no longer be corrected.

Drilling is the fifth manufacturing process that is performed by controlled and automated drilling machines. The location and size of each hole is already preprogrammed into a drill file. After being drilled, the PCBs are plated with either solder, tin, or gold coated nickel to serve as the resists for removing the unnecessary underlying copper.  Solder resist is then applied in order to provide the circuit board with protection from deterioration caused by environmental factors.

Finally, a legend must be printed on both sides of the circuit board in order to complete the manufacturing process. The legend contains the important information regarding the assembly, testing, and servicing of the PCB. The common methods of legend printing are silk screen printing, liquid photo imaging, and ink jet printing.  Ink jet printing is the most accurate method since it can even be used to legibly print barcodes and serial numbers onto the board surface.

In the end, whether you are manufacturing printed circuit boards for your own use or for mass production, you must still remember to go through all of these processes in order to come up with a well-made, quality PCB.  This will ensure that your circuit board will stand the test of time and be able to endure simple daily wear and tear.

TaylorMade Golf for Kids

One of the frequently asked questions in the golfing industry is, what’s the appropriate age for kids to learn golf? Well, there’s no minimum requirement but maybe 6-7 yrs old would do. The key in teaching kids to learn and like golf is to teach it the way they could understand it. Simplify the terms and let them think they’re just playing.

To start teaching a kid to play golf, first you need to buy or rent a golf set appropriate for the child. TaylorMade Golf junior series are ideal for kids. It’s lightweight and ergonomically designed for a child’s grip. Using the right kind of clubs will help the child in making swings, plus it will make him/her feel comfortable.

Unlike other brands for junior golfers, their products are heavier so the child finds it tiresome to swing and hit the ball. Also, other brands have poor-quality grip handles that easily break and cause painful blisters whereas TaylorMade Golf junior clubs are specially designed to match the height and weight of kids to allow them to swing and play properly.

TaylorMade Golf is a leading brand in the industry. It’s not only ideal for adult players, but it’s very useful for juniors too. It caters to the junior market aged 7 and above. TM has specially designed clubs and drivers that will help the child train and learn golf.

Below are some guidelines when teaching a child to play golf:

  • Let the child play.

Whenever you take the child to the golf course, tell him/her that you’re going to play. Especially on the first day, let the kid explore the game of golf on his/her own. One of the best ways you teach a kid is to show how golf is played.

Learning how to swing, assuming the proper posture and placing golf balls on the tee can be fun for a child too. Allow the child to do whatever he/she wants to, avoid corrections. Remember, no matter how much you want the kid to play golf the right way. His/her young mind can’t comprehend the game just yet.

  • Use a child’s language.

Make learning golf easy for a kid by using terms he/she understands. Golf terminologies can be difficult to comprehend, especially for a kid. So, instead of saying, “pivot”, say “turns”.

A child can easily get disheartened to learn golf, when he/she can’t understand the words used.

  • Schedule practice on down time.

Choose a schedule were there are fewer people in the golf course to avoid hassling other people. You don’t want people to line up behind you because the child is still playing or practicing.

Some golf courses have a special area for kids to learn golf.

  • Compliment and celebrate when necessary.

A child loves being praised, so when do he/she does something correctly, congratulate and be happy for them. Let them jump for a job well done. Kids will remember what they did right to get appreciation and attention again.

You can say something like, “Good job! Do that again”.

  • Practical lessons before the basics.

Take the child to the golf course or driving range, and let him/her have fun by playing with a plastic club. It lessens the risk of injury. Plus with a toy in hand, the child will likely think he/she is just playing.

After a few minutes or one session, let the child play with a TaylorMade Golf junior sized club. Show the child how to swing and hit the golf ball. Incorporate basic golf lessons on proper posture and swing without pressuring the child.

  • Avoid being critical.

If the child made a few mistakes or didn’t get to do your drills correctly, cheer them up. Point out the drills he/she was good at. You can also say something like, “Cheer up, you can always do better next time”. Never scold or pinpoint a child’s mistakes. You’ll only dishearten him/her and they might lose interest in golf early on.

Remain positive. Try to uplift the child’s spirit. You can even offer Incentive to the child like, “On our next practice, if you do well, I’ll buy you ice cream”. Motivate the child and be patient.

The Role of Misters in Odor and Dust Control

The works of misters are actually not just limited to providing a cool atmosphere when the heat goes up. In fact, there are misting units designed for more pressing needs in workplaces and restaurants like controlling dust and odor. After all, not even cooled air can be comfortable if there is a considerable presence of danger like odor and dust. Fortunately, these machines can prevent problems based around these materials through very simple, yet effective, methods.

Eliminating Odor

A bad smell is more than just a problem for business and industries. Aside from indicating that something should not be inside the premises, strong odor can become dangerous if the source in question happens to be a volatile chemical. If the odor has become too strong and prevalent in the place, authorities like the EPA reserve the right to shut down the business.

Misters can control any malodor the same way it controls heat. By releasing fine water droplets, the unit can atomize the odor just like it prevents the place from getting damp with water. The key here is in its pressure system which allows the unit to emit a fine mist that can neutralize the smell without compromising the dryness.

There are also misting units designed to deal with lethal compounds like methane, ammonia and carbon monoxide. High-pressure misting systems are generally found in industries where a bad smell is certain like animal facilities, landfills, and material recovery and recycling facilities, chemical processing plants and manufacturing plants.

Dust Control

The presence of dust is a common factor in most manufacturing facilities but they can be cause for major concern. Depending on what the site manufacturers, dust particles the size of microns can cause a phenomenon called a dust explosion. When confined to a closed area, these small particles can create an electrostatic discharge which, depending on the compounds found on the air, can result in combustion. Such particles will include the likes of sawdust, metal particles, gunpowder and the like.

Aside from spontaneous combustions, dust particles can cause respiratory problems for workers regardless of their level of protection. Such known causes for illnesses are particles like pollen, flour and any chemical that takes the form of a powder. Misters can prevent such problems from occurring through emitting micron-sized water droplets. These droplets, in turn, will hold keep the dust particles "wet", preventing them from getting released into the air and causing any sort of reaction.

Since most dust particles are waste products, many manufacturers have their misting units positioned right in front of vents and entrances .With high-pressure misting systems, problems like dust clouds, spontaneous combustions and respiratory illnesses can be lessened to a considerable degree. Like all other misting systems, these misters can keep both the workplace and products dry as they suppress harmful particles.

If dust and bad odor are common factors in a plant, it is necessary that misting units will be installed in every corner of the site. They will keep dangers that revolve around such materials suppressed at all times possible.

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The Value Of Live Chat for Websites

If you are one of those people who are constantly debating within yourself about whether or not you should get live chat for websites installed, then this is an article you want to read. There are various benefits of having the software on your site and these are just some of the few. One of the main advantages is the reach of your website. When it comes to expanding the reach of your business one of the best avenues is your website. You may have tried to do so via TV, radio and newspaper advertisements and may have found those to be costly. Well, using your website you can let your clients know how much your products cost as well as the new services and products you may have introduced lately.

Assuming that you have engaged proper SEO techniques to have your website ranking high on the search engines, you will find that you become increasingly visible to many people on the internet. Today, when people think of something they may need they automatically get on the internet to search for it. If it is a product, they may look for manufacturers and suppliers as well as retailers. They may also look for reviews among other things as they seek the answer to the questions they may have. If they were to land on your page, having live chat for websites installed means that you can quickly engage them in conversations, answer their questions and build their confidence in you as their retailer of choice.

It is important to note that even though you may close your business at the end of the day your website will remain open day and night, all year long. As such it may be prudent to ensure that you have an agent operating your chat all around the clock. Having installed live chat for websites, you can then hire chat agents or outsource that responsibility to a company that specializes in the same to get the burden off you.

Whereas in the past you could expect people to simply call in to make inquiries or to send an email via the contact form, today’s computer generation speaks only one language; that of instant communication. Live chat for websites allows you to engage them on a real time basis, enabling you to speak the language they understand. With this in place, you cannot go wrong and will in fact find that you are able to reach more people resulting in more sales for your company.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Commercial Refrigerator

Commercial refrigerators are essential for anyone who runs a catering business. This is because it will help you store your perishable food and meats safely so that the food does not rot and is not contaminated. The department of health also requires all catering businesses to have a commercial refrigerator so that customers are served good food without compromising on its quality and great taste. Indeed purchasing a commercial refrigerator for your food business allows you to save time and money. Instead of running to the market every day to buy food, you can stock them in the refrigerator for later use.

There are many different types of commercial refrigerators in the market. The first thing that you should consider when choosing a commercial refrigerator is the convenience. If your kitchen has a small space, you should consider a refrigerator that can work as a storage unit and worktop to prepare food for the customers. There are other refrigerators that can fit under the table allowing you to use the space underneath. Additionally, you will need a commercial refrigerator that will allow you to see the contents inside the refrigerator and allow you to easily reach for them when there is need. Otherwise, you might end up overstocking because you were not able to see what is available and what has already been used. Moreover, you might forget food inside the refrigerator and this will lead to rot or decay meaning that you will have wasted your money. Refrigerators with glass doors are perfect for allowing you to see what is inside. Similarly, they are best suited for stocking beverages for customers so that they can just open the door and select what they need to drink.

You cannot purchase a commercial refrigerator without considering the cost. Typically the cost of the refrigerator will depend on the size, the brand and the type that you have chosen. You can always get cheap commercial refrigerators from other catering businesses who are looking to sell one or from stores that are offering discounts on commercial refrigerators that have stayed in the store for some time to make space for new stock. The most important aspect that affects cost of the refrigerator is its energy efficiency. Always remember to purchase one that will preserve energy as this will cut down operational costs in the business. Although energy efficient refrigerators might be somewhat expensive, you will end up saving a lot of money on electricity and maintenance.